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The Story of Lonely Dog

About the novel by Ivan Clarke and Stu Duval

(adapted from the synopsis here http://lonelydog.com/about-lonely-dog/story-of-lonely-dog )

A puppy left abandoned at the Houndside Orphanage. He is something of a loner, and earns the nickname, “Lonely Dog.” He dresses up tidily in a suit at the orphanage, and is seen as an oddball. But within lay hidden a rock musician’s talent. But in the world of Alveridgea, the Hounds were enthralled by the Felines. After many twists and turns, Lonely achieves his fame and stardom. But what of his sweetheart Kelzie, or his guardian friend Bronson? Will they ever be re-united?

Ivan Clarke

Author’s bio in brief

(adapted from the profile here http://lonelydog.com/about-lonely-dog/artist )

The artist Ivan Clarke resides in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The world of Lonely Dog was inspired by this place which Clarke calls home.

Growing up “watching his father’s back” he began imitating the artist’s trade, and was already selling paintings by the time he reached age 11. Most buyers were oblivious the painter was a mere child.

He later carried on the family business, engaged in commissions of sign painting, illustration, and commercial art.

During a family trip, his mind sped to thoughts about the dog they could not bring along; this was what gave birth to the Lonely Dog fable,

The Lonely Dog works of art now number over 200, comprising an enormous collection.

Some of these are exhibited for sale at galleries in New Zealand and the U.S.