Agnes Lum Licensing

Licensed by excor inc., and soon inc.

In 1975, one adorable, lovely girl from Hawaii arrived in Japan. It was the dawning of the Age of Gravia Idols of Japan!

Photospread models become all the rage. Agnes Lum. She is the gravia idol for all eternity. Despite her splendidly proportioned figure, and there was something very approachable about the “Agnes” character.

Agnes Lum was the name that inspired the iconic “Lum” character in Urusei Yatsura (by the creator of inuyasha), and an indispensable part of the vocabulary of Japanese subculture. Her photos still enjoy lasting popularity in the gravia idol world.

SOON, Inc. has exclusive rights to negotiate use of Agnes Lum’s likeness and licensing for merchandise. Talk to us.

Her name or image is avaiable for use in various goods, including interior accessories, apparel, and beauty & hygiene products.