Company: SOON Inc.
Address: 1-833, Nibancho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 102-0084 Japan
TEL: 03-3234-7564
FAX: 03-3234-7566
URL: https://sooninc.co.jp


Corporate Profile

SOON is one of the leading license agents in Japanese market. SOON has handled many foreign characters such as Marilyn Monroe of Bernard of Hollywood, Dick Tracy / Annie of Tribune Media, Lone Ranger of Golden Books, Wishbone of Lyrick Studios etc. SOON licenses characters to our clients in the category of plush, stationery, clothing, tableware, cellular phone accessory, game software and video/DVD etc. The executive of SOON has been engaged in the character merchandising business more than 30 years and other than merchandising he has expanded into other fields such as TV commercial, advertisement and promotion for sales.

Our basic policy of character business is as follows;
1. To develop and nurture the character without finishing in one time booming.
2. Target should be the first class brand name by concentrating on our excellent production power and making the most use of reliable sales channels.
3. We would like to use the means of media in versatile way in promotion with accompanying multi-media age.
4. Making the most use of feature of character which makes us feel comfortable and affectionate would surely appeal to wide range of ages from younger to the oldest.

1) We respond quickly to all information inquires and we are definitely not a bureaucratic company.
2) We specialize only in Licensing/Merchandising/TV Commercial/Sales for promotion with very professional manner.
3) We are one of the leading companies of licensing business in the Japanese market.
4) We are very experienced in Licensing/Merchandising/TV commercial with proven success and outstanding performance.
5) We are very experienced in solving infringement problems in the Japanese market.
6) Most importantly, we are very aggressive for your property.

SOON, Inc Filmography

Movie: A Penguin’s Memory – A Tale of Happiness, animation; theme sung by: Seiko Matsuda

Movie: Sakigake: Yukio Hashi’s 55th year in showbiz, starring Yukio Hashi; narrated by: Seiji Rokkaku

Music video: “Merry Christmas in Summer,” starring Keisuke Kuwata and the Southern All Stars゙

Music video: “Riverside Hotel,” starring Yōsui Inoue

Music video: “Ruriiro no Chikyū [Azure-colored earth],” starring Seiko Matsuda

Music video: “Akina Nakamori,” starring Akina Nakamori

DVD: George Yanagi & Rainy Wood in Concert, at the Budokan

DVD: Flying Issey, Issey Miyake fashion show

Filming: “Yukio Hashi’s 50th anniversary in show business memorial concert,” at NHK Hall

DVD: “Yukio Hashi’s 55th anniversary in show business memorial concert,” at Akasaka ACT Theater

TBS Radio “Yukio Hashi’s Earth Orchestra” 5 years of production and medium agency

Photo collection: Yukio Hashi, commemorating 55 years in show business


«TV commercials»

Japan Airlines “JALPAK Hawaii”

ANA “Okinawa campaign,” original song sung by Albert Hammond

Pilot fountain pen “Happa fumifumi,” starring Kyosen Ōhashi

Canon camera “110 ED,” starring Tamori

Sunstar “Sunstar toothpaste,” starring Chiemi Eri

Shiseido “Summer campaign in the Bahamas,” with Maari Askew (model)

Shiseido “Autumn campaign in Sapporo and Kobe” with Marjorie White (model)

Nissan “Skyline of Love” (“Ken and Mary” series)

Nissan “Sunny” series,” starring Ryunosuke Minegishi (actor)

Nissan ”Auster,” song by George Yanagi (singer)

Toyota “Celica Liftback”

Honda “Honda CITY,” starring Madness (U. K. rock group)

Sansui Stereo “Component Stereo,” starring Brooke Shields

Pioneer “Component Stereo,” starring Kumiko Akiyoshi; song by Wataru Takada

Pioneer “Runaway” boombox, song by RATS & STAR (music band)

Pioneer “Lonesome Car-boy,” starring Warren Oates (actor), song by Ry Cooder

Pioneer “Lonesome Car-boy,” car stereo, starring & song by Ry Cooder (singer)

Pioneer “Boombox,” starring Wolfman Jack (DJ and star of American Graffiti)

Pioneer “Stereo Component [system],” character design by H. R. Giger (of Alien fame)

Suntory “Suntory White,” starring Sammy Davis Jr.

Suntory “Salty Dog,” song by Kiyoshiro Imawano (singer)

Suntory “Reserve” starring Matt Dillon

Suntory “Canned beer, Penguin series,” anime, “Sweet Memories,” sung by Seiko Matsuda

Suntory “Canned beer,” starring Hiroko Yakushimaru (actress)

Suntory “Beer,” song by Kenji Sawada (singer)

Suntory “Budweiser Beer,” voiced by George Tokoro; music by Lee Oskar

Suntory “Takohigh,” starring Yuko Tanaka (actress)

Suntory “Whiskey Acapulco,” starring & song by Masanori Sera

Asahi Breweries “Honnama,” starring Akira Nakao (actor)

Asahi Breweries “Honnama,” starring Goro Ibuki (actress)

Asahi Breweries “Mitsuya Cider” song by Cherish

Kirin Brewery “Kirin Lemon”

Sapporo Breweries “Red wine Polaire”

Victor “Movie gokko,” video camera, starring Momoko Kikuchi (actress)

Toshiba “Stereo component [system]” music by The Beatles (“Let it Be”)

Toshiba “Stereo component [system]” music by Queen

Panasonic “Handy boombox,” starring Masahiko Kondo (singer)

Hitachi “Room air condition Shirokuma-kun,” anime, voiced by Kobuhei Hayashiya

Meiji Seika “Curl series,” animator Norio Hikone

Morinaga “Angel Pie,” starring Miwako Fujitani (actress) Bunchin Katsura (rakugo raconteur)

Morinaga “Chocoball series”

Otsuka Foods “Bon Curry,” starring Masakazu Tamura (actor)

Tokai Pickling “Kyūchan cucumber pickles,” starring Toshikazu Fukawa, Kai Shishido (actors)

PARCO “Grand Bazaar,” starring Tom Waits (singer)

PARCO “Kimono series,” starring Shino Ikenami, Yoko Natsuki , Sayaka Tsuruta (actresses)

Seibu Department Store “Lake Biwa OPEN”

Prince Hotel “Isogo Prince Hotel OPEN”

Lotte “Green Gum,” starring Masaharu Fukuyama (singer)

Lotte “Green Gum,” starring Tsutomu Yamazaki (actor)

Sunsilk, “Shampoo” starring Shizue Abe (singer)

Kewpie Mayonnaise “Peter Rabbit series” animation

Kewpie Mayonnaise ”Vegetable flowers series,” voiced by Yoshio Harada, Tsutomu Yamazaki, Fujio Tokio

QP Aohata canneries “Orange marmalade,” starring Margot Hemingway (actress); song by Godaigo

QP Aohata canneries “Buleberry jam,” song by Willie Nelson

Kansai Electrical Safety Inspection Association “anime series,” based on art by Katsuhiro Otomo (of manga Akira)

Asahi Shimbun (Kansai) “Hedgehog in the Fog” animated by: Yuri Norstein (Russian)

Shogakukan “Shonen Jump 6 million circulation” based on art by Akira Toriyama, starring Shigeru Izumitani

Daiei “Daiei Corporation” starring Ryuichi Sakamoto (composer)

Otsuka Pharmaceutical “Pocari Sweat series,” starring Rie Miyazawa; music PR by Malcolm McLaren

Otsuka Pharmaceutical “Pocari Sweat bottle,” starring Hiroshi Tachi (actor)

Otsuka Pharmaceutical “Pocari Sweat corporate CM,” starring Chisato Moritaka, with Sigesato Itoi

Otsuka Pharmaceutical “Pocari Sweatcorporate CM,” starring Mariko Ishihara, with Sigesato Itoi

Otsuka Pharmaceutical “Pocari Sweat,” starring Cindy Crawford (U.S. supermodel)

Otsuka Pharmaceutical “Pocari Sweatcorporate CM,” starring Matt Biondi (U.S. swimming Olympic gold medalist)

Otsuka Pharmaceutical “Five Mini,” starring Kuniko Yamada (comedienne)

Otsuka Pharmaceutical “Sinvino,” song “Negresco Hotel” by BORO

Otsuka Pharmaceutical “Java Tea,” starring Masahiro Motoki (actor)

Otsuka Pharmaceutical “Pocari Sweatcorporate CM,” footage: The Rolling Stones

Earth (pharma) “Gokiburi hoihoi” roach motel, starring Tsurube Shofukutei (rakugo ranconteur)

Kincho “Tansu ni gon” mothballs, starring Agnes Lum

Daihatsu “Pyzar,” Agnes Lum and family

AGF-Coffee “MAXIM,” song by Nana Mouskouri

Melbo Men’s Wear “Melbo,” starring David Jansen (The Fugitive)

Jōshūya fishing equipment “Oshirasu,” starring Hiroki Matsukata (actor)

Right-on “Casual wear store OPEN,” starring Naoko Iijima



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