Corporate Profile
SOON is one of the leading license agents in Japanese market. SOON has handled many foreign characters such as Marilyn Monroe of Bernard of Hollywood, Dick Tracy / Annie of Tribune Media, Lone Ranger of Golden Books, Wishbone of Lyrick Studios etc. SOON licenses characters to our clients in the category of plush, stationery, clothing, tableware, cellular phone accessory, game software and video/DVD etc. The executive of SOON has been engaged in the character merchandising business more than 30 years and other than merchandising he has expanded into other fields such as TV commercial, advertisement and promotion for sales.

Our basic policy of character business is as follows;
1. To develop and nurture the character without finishing in one time booming.
2. Target should be the first class brand name by concentrating on our excellent production power and making the most use of reliable sales channels.
3. We would like to use the means of media in versatile way in promotion with accompanying multi-media age.
4. Making the most use of feature of character which makes us feel comfortable and affectionate would surely appeal to wide range of ages from younger to the oldest.

1) We respond quickly to all information inquires and we are definitely not a bureaucratic company.
2) We specialize only in Licensing/Merchandising/TV Commercial/Sales for promotion with very professional manner.
3) We are one of the leading companies of licensing business in the Japanese market.
4) We are very experienced in Licensing/Merchandising/TV commercial with proven success and outstanding performance.
5) We are very experienced in solving infringement problems in the Japanese market.
6) Most importantly, we are very aggressive for your property.

Penguin’s memory (Happy Story) (animation) singer SEIKO MATSUDA

Promotion Video
[Merry Christmas in Summer] Keisuke Kuwata
[Riverside Hotel] Yosui Inoue

TV Commercial

Japan Air Line JALPACK Hawaii
All Nippon Airways Okinawa Campaign
Nissan Skyline “Ken and Mary”
Nissan Sunny series
Toyota Celica Liftback
Honda City (Madness)
Pilot Fountain pen
Pioneer Runaway, Lonesome Car-boy (Warren Oates), PROJECT-7
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Pocari Sweat (Rie Miyazawa) series, Pocari Sweat (Shigesato Itoi & Mariko Ishihara) version, Hiroshi Tachi version, Matt Biondi (Swimming gold medalist)version. Fibe-MINI (Kuniko Yamada) series, Sinvino (Negresco hotel) Boro JAVA TEA (Masahiro Motoki) series [Leading actor of Academy Awards Winner “Departures “]
Suntory White (Sammy Davis Jr), Vodka SALTY DOG (Kiyoshiro Imawano),Reserve Silky (Matt Dillon), Can Beer (Penguin) series Sweet Memories (Seiko Matsuda), Can Beer (Hiroko Yakushimaru) (Kenji Sawada)(George Tokoro), Budweiser (harmonica:Lee Oskar)
Victor Movie Gokko (Momoko Kikuchi
Canon Canon 110 ED (Tamori) Camera Series F1
Lotte Company (Tsutomu Yamazaki), Green Gum (Masaharu Fukuyama)
Kewpie Mayonnaise Peter Rabbit
Kansai Electrical Safety Inspection Association Manga artist (Katsuhiro Otomo)
Daihatsu Pyzar (Agnes Lum Family)
AGF Coffee MAXIM (Nana Mouskouri) La violetta
Melbo Clothing David Janssen
Johshuya OSHIRASU, JIREI (Hiroki Matsukata)
Right-on Resemblance clerk, Scolded clerk, Open information
Mori Building Promotion Video (HSBC tower)
Stereo sansui Brooke Shields
Aohata Marmalade Margaux Hemingway
Melbo shinshifuku David Janssen
Others JTB, Seibu, Asahi newspaper, Mitsui Fudosan



Company:SOON Inc.

Address:1-833, Nibancho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 102-0084 Japan