1-833, Nibancho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 102-0084 Japan
To Prospective Licensors: Overview of Our Company as Licensee Greetings, Let me introduce myself. My name is Satoru Sugaya of SOON, Inc. in Japan. With many years of experience as a producer of TV commercials, I launched a second line of business running a licensing company for creative characters. I produced the world’s first animation of Peter Rabbit in a TV commercial for Kewpie brand mayonnaise in Japan. Clips from the acclaimed animated work Hedgehog in the Fog (Yozhik v tumane by Yuriy Norshtey were shown in TV commercials I made for Asahi Shimbun, one of the largest circulation newspapers in Japan. I have represented the late puppet-designer Kihachiro Kawamoto, the artist Shigemi Hijikata’s Boo Foo Woo and other characters. We have produced TV commercials featuring artworks by Akira (manga) creator Katsuhiro Otomo (Canon camera), Dragon Ball Z creator Akira Toriyama (Shonen Jump magazine), French cartoonist Jean Giraud “Moebius” (Pocari Sweat sports drink, Otsuka Pharmaceutical. Cindy Crawford is riding the giant bird, as seen in this clip.). We have produced original characters for Curl snack food (Meiji) and the penguin character for Suntory beer which later became a full feature animated film and had its “Sweet Memories” TV commercial soundtrack recorded by top vocal artist Seiko Matsuda. Some years ago, we also acquired the rights to negotiate commercial use of a valuable Marilyn Monroe photo collection We have also represented the Lone Ranger, Mask of Zorro, Dick Tracy, Little Lulu, Annie the musical, etc., for merchandising in Japan. For further information please see our corporate profile page ( With my know-how obtained through TV-commercial productions, I can place the characters I have contracted with in TV commercials and advertisements, find or introduce you to licensees interested in merchandising the characters, etc., working to promote your creation in a multi-faceted approach. We are not the actual printing company or manufacturers of character products, but with my network of acquaintances in the business, I am confident I can act as your gateway to finding the right licensees who will merchandise your artwork. I am well-connected with TV stations, TV producers, radio producers, TV commercial productions, graphic advertisement, and merchandising, etc. If you are considering choosing our company as your licensing agent in Japan, let us talk and see if we can work out a business relationship. Since I was originally mainly a TV producer, I have extensive experience collaborating with graphic designers and commercial directors. I have had a longstanding working relationship (on the Shibuya Parco department store project) with Eiko Ishioka, the Academy-award winning designer for Dracula which starred Gary Oldman. I have also produced videos for Issey Miyake Fashion Show and collaborated with musician Ryuichi Sakamoto (Academy Award for Last Emperor). Due to my background, I became intrigued by the richly creative works produced by companies the world over. Now you have read about our track record. If your company has questions about what my company can do for you in Japan, I would be glad to answer. So then. I am looking forward to receive your reply. Satoru Sugaya, SOON, Inc.
Corporate Profile
SOON is one of the leading license agents in Japanese market. SOON has handled many foreign characters such as Marilyn Monroe of Bernard of Hollywood, Dick Tracy / Annie of Tribune Media, Lone Ranger of Golden Books, Wishbone of Lyrick Studios etc. SOON licenses characters to our clients in the category of plush, stationery, clothing, tableware, cellular phone accessory, game software and video/DVD etc. The executive of SOON has been engaged in the character merchandising business more than 30 years and other than merchandising he has expanded into other fields such as TV commercial, advertisement and promotion for sales.

Our basic policy of character business is as follows;
1. To develop and nurture the character without finishing in one time booming.
2. Target should be the first class brand name by concentrating on our excellent production power and making the most use of reliable sales channels.
3. We would like to use the means of media in versatile way in promotion with accompanying multi-media age.
4. Making the most use of feature of character which makes us feel comfortable and affectionate would surely appeal to wide range of ages from younger to the oldest.

1) We respond quickly to all information inquires and we are definitely not a bureaucratic company.
2) We specialize only in Licensing/Merchandising/TV Commercial/Sales for promotion with very professional manner.
3) We are one of the leading companies of licensing business in the Japanese market.
4) We are very experienced in Licensing/Merchandising/TV commercial with proven success and outstanding performance.
5) We are very experienced in solving infringement problems in the Japanese market.
6) Most importantly, we are very aggressive for your property.

Penguin’s memory (Happy Story) (animation) singer SEIKO MATSUDA

Promotion Video
[Merry Christmas in Summer] Keisuke Kuwata
[Riverside Hotel] Yosui Inoue

TV Commercial
Japan Air Line      JALPACK Hawaii
All Nippon Airways    Okinawa Campaign
Nissan          Skyline “Ken and Mary”
Nissan          Sunny series
Toyota          Celica Liftback
Honda           City (Madness)
Pilot            Fountain pen
Pioneer          Runaway, Lonesome Car-boy (Warren Oates), PROJECT-7
             Radio cassette player
Otsuka Pharmaceutical   Pocari Sweat (Rie Miyazawa) series, Pocari Sweat
             (Shigesato Itoi & Mariko Ishihara) version,
             Hiroshi Tachi version, Matt Biondi
             (Swimming gold medalist)version. Fibe-MINI (Kuniko
             Yamada) series, Sinvino (Negresco hotel) Boro
             JAVA TEA (Masahiro Motoki) series
             [Leading actor of Academy Awards Winner “Departures “]
Suntory         White (Sammy Davis Jr), Vodka SALTY DOG (Kiyoshiro
             Imawano),Reserve Silky (Matt Dillon), Can Beer (Penguin)
              series Sweet Memories (Seiko Matsuda), Can Beer
             (Hiroko Yakushimaru) (Kenji Sawada)(George Tokoro),
             Budweiser (harmonica:Lee Oskar)
Victor          Movie Gokko (Momoko Kikuchi
Canon         Canon 110 ED (Tamori) Camera Series F1
PARCO         GRAND BAZAAR / (Tom Waits)
Lotte          Company (Tsutomu Yamazaki), Green Gum (Masaharu
Kewpie         Mayonnaise Peter Rabbit
Kansai Electrical Safety Inspection Association   Manga artist (Katsuhiro Otomo)
Daihatsu        Pyzar (Agnes Lum Family)
AGF Coffee        MAXIM (Nana Mouskouri) La violetta
Melbo Clothing     David Janssen
Johshuya        OSHIRASU, JIREI (Hiroki Matsukata)
Right-on        Resemblance clerk, Scolded clerk, Open information
Mori Building      Promotion Video (HSBC tower)
Stereo sansui      Brooke Shields
Aohata Marmalade   Margaux Hemingway
Melbo shinshifuku    David Janssen
Others          JTB, Seibu, Asahi newspaper, Mitsui Fudosan.